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i make in 2 hours of farming 1 million, im playing only for 2 weeks and i have buyed the fortras, albairn and a lot of mounts.

on tuesdays with patron, go kill titans with neon ninja (speedest) or your main character, after that, sell the radiant shards and radiant caches.

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Trove Online Generator <- Open

Trove Quick Tips How to Replace Gems No ReGemerator

Trove Online Generator <- Open

How to replace gems without a regemerator

✎ Everything you need to know about FREE craftable classes in Trove. Grab yourself a Chaos Crafter and farm items to get any Trove class for free!
✍ Trove is a Free to Play open-world voxel MMORPG that I’ve been playing for years. Build worlds or farm dungeons, Trove is free, so try it out!

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How to Forge Stellar Gear ►
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Neon Nightsky Wings Crafting Guide ►
How to Increase Performance in Trove (PC / Xbox One / PS4) ►
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Trove Online Generator <- Open


Trove Online Generator <- Open


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Trove Online Generator <- Open