Aaron Swartz Day 2015 Evening Celebration

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Aaron Swartz Day Celebration of hackers and whistleblowers that make the world a better place.

7:30 pm – Scenes From “From DeadDrop to SecureDrop” and a “Friends of Aaron” movie.

8:00 pm

1. Giovanni Damiola (Open Library Project)

2. Garrett Robinson (Lead Programmer, SecureDrop)

3. Alison Macrina (Founder and Director, Library Freedom Project)

4. Brewster Kahle (Digital Librarian, Internet Archive)

5. Cindy Cohn (Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation)

6. Roger Dingledine (Interim Executive Director, Tor Project)

7. Micah Lee (Co-founder, Board Member, and Technologist at “The Intercept”)

8. Jacob Appelbaum (Security Expert seen in Citizen Four, Wikileaks volunteer) (Appearing remotely via Jitsi over Tor)

9. John Perry Barlow (EFF and Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder)

10. Special Statement by Chelsea Manning in Support of the Third Annual Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon

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