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Retro City — Adventure Club
HeartBeat (Kicks n Licks Remix) — JJAMZ
Spectrum (KDrew Remix) [Feat. Matthew Koma] — Zedd
All My Everything (Basehead’s Complextep Mix) (Feat. Cliff Tomlin) — Basshead
Sphere (Original Mix) — Make The Floodlights Dance

This was the last video I made before the power went out due to Hurricane Irene. Now it finally came back on 6 days later, so I can upload this!

This video was made for YouTube user 16mmDJ, but it contains helpful information for anyone who is dealing with a 1990s or early 2000s Volkswagen car radio head unit. I provide instructions on how to enter the security code, how to remove the head unit, and details on the special antenna connector that VW and some other European carmakers used, including the adapters that are necessary to install an aftermarket head unit or external device with an RF modulator (CD changer, satellite radio tuner, etc.).

Trove Online Generator <- Open