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Like minecraft? Like battling it out with unlimited customization of character and environment? Like grinding and hacking and slashing your way to victory? This might just be the block-type-MMO you’ve been looking for.

I really enjoyed playing through it. The gameplay was simple, and the tutorial got me right into the game. Look for dungeons, that’s how you level up fast!

Gamespot “But it is an MMOG that I’d enjoy visiting every now and then, possibly several times a week. That’s enough to make Trove a success, and its speedy updates and randomly generated worlds help make every visit feel different from the last.” ” +Simple, familiar hack ‘n slash gameplay. +Varied classes. +Simple, familiar customizable housing. +Fair cash shop. +Daily allowance of secondary cash shop currency. +Community-created content.
-Unlocking various blocks is a major grind. -Gameplay is marginally the same dungeon after dungeon. -Poorly designed dungeons.”

PCGamer “Trove excels at giving players a fully realized, customizable world, but it’s the small details in the game’s menu structure and user interface that bog it down. It’s easy to get lost in the countless player-created and official worlds, but also a chore at times to determine what your next objective dictates…. The beauty of Minecraft isn’t what the developer leaves behind for you, it’s what you make of the tools provided, and Trove towers over its competition on the breadth of its colorful and surprisingly dense landscapes.”

We’re here to find out.

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