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How to install mods in Trove to elevate your game play, such as showing Shadow Tower boss health, dungeon boss beacons, and how fast you’re going on your mount!

Okay okay. This isn’t really cheating. These are mods readily available on various websites and easily installed into the mod engine built into Trove. Find the mods you want, copy them to your Trove install directory, restart Trove and bam you now have mods installed.

Much easier than Minecraft. Take lessons Microsoft.

My Trove mod installation directory is Program Files (x86)GlyphGamesTroveLivemods

I installed 3 mods in this

– Boss Health
– Mini Boss Radar
– Speedometer

I got them from As I mentioned in the video, be careful with what you download. Installing anything from the internet runs the risk of malicious software or social engineering. Use these mods at your own risk. I am not associated with


desertmoose and MCTyyyy


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New version for the Trove cheat (v1.2)

-Added Full FlyHack Mode (Allows you to fully fly and control the height)
-Added SpiderJumps (Jump and move like a spiderman)
-Added Spinning Character (Spin your character and troll people around)
-Added Reverse PlayerFace (Makes your character look backward)
-Some improvements to Manual NoClip

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Trove Online Generator <- Open