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Sign up for Trove with the following link & I’ll get a cut from any store item you purchase
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✏️ It’s time to tackle some serious topics about the channel.. like the games I’ve been playing :))) no seriously though, Terraria is coming to an end, I haven’t played Phantasy Star Online 2 recently, Minecraft Dungeons is over until the winter DLC, so what’s next? Is it just Trove and Ghost of Tsushima for a while? ..yeah probably.
✍ #Trove is a #FreeToPlay #MMORPG that #Scyushi has been playing for years. Build worlds or farm dungeons, it’s #FREE so try it out!

How to Build Draco for Delves
How to get Lunar Souls in Delves
Trove Delves Beginners Guide
Tomb Raiser Rework
My First Crystal 4 Staff Drop
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Everything You NEED TO KNOW About Crystal 4
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Why I Changed My Name & Started Swearing
How to Build Tank or Damage in Trove
Trove Guide for Returning Players in 2020
Mods I Use in Trove
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How to Play Trove on Mobile (hack)
Trove in Virtual Reality!?
Reacting to My First Trove Video
Unboxing Ganda
Trove’s Rarest Mounts 2019
These Trove Mounts are Impossible to Get
Unboxing Over 8000 Trove of Wonder (Playlist)

In-Depth Guide for Beginners (2020) ►
Every Trove Dragon
How to “Build” Trove Classes
Trove In-Depth Gem Tutorial 2020
Trove Flux Farming Tutorial 2019 ►
Trove Gardening 2.0 Tutorial
Trove Tutorials for 2019 (Playlist)
Trove Class Guides for 2019

How to Get Trove Strongboxes (Contains NEW Costumes)
Trove News (Playlist)
NEW Free Costumes for Every Class
Trove Leviathans are Coming!
Trove “Into the Depths” Patch
Trove “Light” Stat Explained
Cosmic Gems & NEW Stat!
In-depth Trove Guide to Crystal Gear
Crystal Gear Explained (C1, C2, C3)

CLASSES (Old & New):
Class Guides for U10 & Ultra Towers (2019)
Class Buffs / Reworks (Playlist)
Dino Tamer Speed Build (Fastest Class?)
How to Get the Vanguard ►
Vanguardian “Star” Speed Build ►
Vanguardian Class Gem ►
Vanguardian Subclass ►
Scythe’s Gunslinger “Build” ►
Every Class Gem Ability in Trove ►
My Class Trailers ►
Revenant Rework
Scythe’s Shadow Hunter “Build” (2019) ►
The Neon Ninja “Rage Speed Build” ►
Every Trove Sub Class Ability Guide ►
How to “Build” ALL Classes in Trove Guide 2019 ►
Dracolyte Rework Explained ►

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