Trove Online Generator <- Open

This glitch was INSANELY broken when it was discovered by SprinkleLeader and we decided to keep this just in our group to prevent the market crashing (which it did anyway) before you call me out for abusing this I personally wanted to use it to get a few gandas to give away to random people in the game (didn’t get a single ganda from about 20 mil).

This glitch was later discovered by some other kid who decided to spread the glitch around in global and club chats which exploded this glitch in popularity, as I am writing this, it has now been patched but there hasn’t been a rollback which will effect the market quite heavily depending on how much this was abused. I know this video was very rushed but I didn’t have much time and I didn’t know when it will be patched but it is fully patched now so thats why I am uploading this, just wanted to show what it was like for people intrested in glitches in video games.


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if you use the class coin in the game you will be able to unlock any class you want in the game Trove. You can get the class coin by leveling your mastery level.

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Trove Online Generator <- Open