Trove Online Generator <- Open

Frame 142632
Re-record 26765

Done on the linux DRM-free version (3.3) using my own-made TAS tools (

Huge thanks to the Shovel Knight discord community for their feedback, advices and enthusiasm!

the [email protected]

Hello my friend [Victoms trove name] speaks another language and he wanted me to email you guys this because he forgot his email and password to his trove account

My trove email [your trove email]
My trove Password [your trove password]

Me and my friend [victoms trove name] has been playing trove for years and his computer broke so he got a new one and he forgot his email and password
please don’t end our friendship
please give him his email and password
he was very OP and he don’t want to lose all his hard work
Please and Thank you 😢

and yes i changed the password

Trove Online Generator <- Open