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I can Convert your Articles to Text-To-Speech Videos!

Add Your Own Images & Music [or I can use generic]:
If you promote products or are an affiliate creating review videos you can add related images, captions and background music so you get better conversions.

Be Found on the Search
These are the kind of videos that rank highly on Google.

Getting The Audio
Everyone that creates videos know that one of the most time consuming tasks is getting the audio right…

Most people HATE having their own voices on video anyway as
A. Don’t like the sound of it
B. Think people won’t understand their accent
C. Make mistakes hum / hah which means they have to re-shoot [what a waste of time]

There have been past attempts to get around this with computer generated voices but they have sounded far too robotic and off putting… I tried these alternatives and they just didn’t engage the viewer enough to retain their attention…Until I met Ziri, my Virtual Assistant.

Trove Online Generator <- Open