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0:42 What are Delves?
1:52 Light stat requirement
4:29 Light Banners & Crafting Table
5:15 Inert Geode Currency & Wallet Upgrades
6:50 New Delve allies
7:48 Public Delves & queue
8:48 Using mounts in Private / Challenge Delves
10:13 Private Delves
11:12 Delves Caves tutorial (covering fast traveling, objectives, modules, geode cave resources)
16:26 Monolith objective tips
17:21 Delve Boss Objective
18:38 “Depths / Floors” explained
20:44 How to get Titan Souls, Lunar Souls & Despoiled Divinity
23:54 Challenge Delves
27:26 Momentos
28:10 Pressure Caches
29:53 Delves Food Items (increases stats)

✏️ An in-depth guide / tutorial explaining everything you need to know about the Trove Delves, the newest update to trove that moves tons of content from shadow towers into a new infinite generating dungeon. I’ll explain the new way to get Titan Souls and Lunar Souls, where to find Crystal 4 gear, talk about the new banners, light allies and the differences between Public Delves, Private Delves and Challenge Delves.. there’s a lot more in the video than just that.
✍ #Trove is a #FreeToPlay #MMORPG that #Scyushi has been playing for years. Build worlds or farm dungeons, it’s #FREE so try it out!

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Trove Online Generator <- Open