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Uber 9 non-Cosmic NN

Like I said, no investment in MH% and boost in CH if you find them unnecessary.

If you want use NN farm Topside more effectively, DO NOT follow my gem build. This will sacrifice the ability to 1 shot non-cosmic 1* World Boss with around 7.92m coef, Stasis Blade and Martial Emblem, but farm Topside more effectively without rely on Shurikens.

Use Death-Defying Vial, and refill at Outpost/Origin Portal Potion if you are comfortable.

This video mainly demonstrate on how effective my NN can farm Uber 10 Topside despite the lack of investment in Cosmic gems’ Light stat, as well as other

[A] Why I don’t trust Shuriken as killing tool despite being a symbol for Ninja?
1) It has timer before expire.
2) It is slow, not worth on using Volatile Velocity to give up other precious Empowered Gem slots.
3) It requires decent FPS to aim properly, has small htbox.
4) It can make you stuck in Stealth mode, “thanks” to timer system.

[B] Why I invested in 1 boosted Max Health% stat?
Good luck on being ripped apart by “One Punch Man” and “FPS no reload hack”. Yes, you can run Death-defying vial, but that’s just ruining farming experience.

[C] Why I don’t invest Light?
Delves introduced many things, and I
– 1000 Light from Geode MR 100.
– 300 from new set of ally, Animated Jug.
– 300 from a Light Banner, can be crafted at Delve Workbench (random rarity), or unique one from Delver’s Cache.
– + 600 if using a Modded Perma Torch.
– 300 for using Electrolytic Crystal as Food.
– Total of extra 1900, doesn’t include perma and C4 set.

While NN and DT are my only class dedicated to farm U9 gems. I already got Fae and Draco to farm Topside.

[D] Why you farm U10?
Because even a mob refused to live inside dungeon can drop C3. They have better loot drop rarity, Crystal Level 2 gives precious 10 Forge Fragments too. I just sometimes bored on U9 non-cosmic worlds.

[E] Why NN don’t need Energy Regen stat?
By not over-spam your abilities and make good use of flat areas. Simple.
If desperate, experiment with Zealous Emblem.

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