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THE SCRIPT IS UPDATED!! (14.01.2015)
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PART 1 –

0) Patron 0:05
1) Gem Box karma 0:21
2) Important Club Fixture 0:28
3) Upgrade Gem/Making Dusts 0:40
4) Empowered Gem Fragments 1:05
5) Is Radiant ok for dusts? 1:27

6) Rough, Precise or Superior Focus? 1:42
7) Importance of Gem Day 2:19
8) Personal Chest/Storage 2:46
9) How to spend extra Cosmic Dusts 3:10
10) Upgrade tools 3:22

11) Boost Check 5:00
12) Contained Chaos Spark and Flare 6:11
13) Their materials 6:38
14) What are Delves?

15) Lesser gem picking 7:14

16) When to use 1* CH and MH stat 7:50
17) Primordial Dragons 8:10

This video series is made to explain Trove Gem System, which still caused confusion among new Trovians nowadays, in my own viewpoint and experience.

In the previous video, I have explained what kind of Empowered Gem is ideal and potential gem farmers.

Despite being able to farm lesser gems, Emp Gems (and Class Gem) can be very hard to get good ones. It might take around 3 months (but WORTH the effort!) for it until they decided to remove 2 starting stats gem from loot pool.

Gem is an “Endurance Game”, so it is completely normal to have a class stuck at certain PR.

Get a Gem Forge to check. 5:00

Small blue circles. A level 15 gems should have THREE.
If yours Stellar one only have TWO, prepare to find a replacement.

[Boost Allocation]
Boost allocation for gems is very important. It acts like a see-saw.
Having too much PD/MD or CD at either side will cause imbalance.
Not having max Light won’t get nice damage output in Leviathan and Delves.

For typical full DPS build use this

by Architect, jump to Section 4. change all Cosmic dmg stats into Light instead due to Leviathan/Delves/possible new content.

For custom build or “playground”:

by whiteflash

by Piffel, I use it to calculate the differences on improving CD or MD/PD.
Tick and fill in the Ally Bonus properly so the total bonus matches on calculator/in-game.
You can also use it to check ability/minion damage.

How I play whiteflash

[Common Gear stats]
– AS MS for speedfarming class.
– AS CD, with Face MD/PD for full DPS class.
– Sacrifice CD for ER on weapon such as Dracolyte’s.
– Sacrifice 1 out of 3 AS stat for CD such as Neon Ninja and Vanguardian.
– Preserve all potential Magic Find stats including Pirate Captain subclass, which made farming class like NN and DT only have 99.32 CH from non-cosmic gems’ un-boosted CH. (Very useful for upcoming 50% Magic Find buff)

CD and Face’s MD/PD on gear DO affect coefficient.
Not using 20% MD/PD ally such as Hungry Hydrakken Hatchling also affect coefficient, where this ally focused on extra CD instead.

Some MH or MH% investment is mainly for Uber 10 Topside’s survivability and prevent losing a precious farming spot. 7:50
It also makes your other least used class usable such as Melee Boomeranger, despite feeding him with random gems.

Only invest beyond 1 million HP if you are knowing what you are doing…
Most charged attacks ignore the HP.

[4 Rules to pick Lesser Gems]
Before picking Lesser gems, try to focus on 4 Empowered Gem boost allocation.
If you can’t, just don’t make your overall gem stats have either too much PD/MD or CD. (Check at Gem Forge)
You will need Chaos Spark/Flare on your Emp/Class gems anyway, so don’t get too strict on their PR.

4 rules to pick Lesser
1) Gem PR isn’t too low, below 500-530 at level 1 and 1200-1250 at level 15.
2) Easier to reroll or use flare to “fix”, such as on 1* 1* 1* gem to 2* 1* gem.
3) At least 2* on Light if making max Light Cosmic.
4) If can’t farm a lot, make your picks less stricter.

The reasons to farm lesser gems as efficient as you can is to save as many pesky Spark/Flare usage on Lesser as possible! While extra ones go into Precise’s crafting cost.

[My Gem Allocation Tables]
After having an ideal boost combination, takes some time to spend Chaos Spark, Flare.
Max Critical Hit Chance first to near 100% over other stats first.
Keep in mind that if your achievable gem boost allocation takes too much effort to tweak, don’t too focus on that, such as my FT.

My full Magic Find
My Full DPS

Trove Online Generator <- Open