Trove Online Generator <- Open

Started to create a status checker, which is wokring, but still need some improvements.

– Checking if Trove running or not
– Sending your datas to server
– Generate your status image, if you are registered to my Database
– You can use this image as Avatar, or image on your webpage, anywhere, it will show your status correctly.

– Saving your name, so next time if you start the program it don’t will ask you for name
– Automaticly start as a service program (you can turn this mode on /off), and it will check if Trove is running or not.
With this automatic mode on forum you can show, or anywhere you can show if you are online, or offline now, in Real time!
– Adding some extra features, like changable color on generated image text, small signature, background color (and later image),
– Adding Guides, realtime market prices to different tabs in the program.
– Adding lives
– Adding news from Trionworlds, and Trove server status
– and more…

You can suggest ideas to the program too.
Later I will add some palyers beta access for it, but its still wip!

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Thanks, have a nice day!

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Trove Online Generator <- Open