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Now that you know the real basics it is time to get more in depth about the game. And in this tutorial we are learning the difference
* LVL, combat
* Mastery
* Power rank

And how they affect each other and what you can do to increase them all.
Also since mastery is very much crafting orientated we go through some basic ingredients and gathering locations.
Thank you The TBG for pointing this out!
Do check out his channel too .. some good videos there!

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► 1. Trove – Tutorial [1] – Learning the(ever-so-difficult) basics – Xbox One – I have a secret love!
► 2. Trove – Tutorial [2] – Building Mining and Building a house – Xbox One – What’s your house like?
► 3. Trove – Tutorial [3] – Basics of Crafting – Xbox One – THE MOST VALUABLE SKILL IN TROVE!

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Trove Online Generator <- Open