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✏️ Introducing Delves, Trove’s latest update currently on the PC test server and will probably go live for PC, Xbox One and PS4 players within only a few months (as most updates do). I use this video as more of an introduction to Delves and why they were created, how Delves work and why an infinite dungeon might just be what fixes Trove’s servers.. we’ll also catch a glimpse at some of the new Delve mounts, allies and talk about a new tier of gear, Crystal 4 is coming to Trove! Delves also have some disappointing news as Shadow Towers become almost useless with this update..
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These cheat codes also work when playing as specter knight too! and by the looks of things will also be usable with the king knight dlc too. sorry for not including any footage in the video, i uploaded this video before the Specter Knight dlc was released.

What a fantastic game shovel knight turned out to be. I would say its probably the best indie title that I have ever played, however I did not find out until only about a half a year ago that there is over 300 cheat codes for this game! Some people also might not be aware that all of these cheats are useable with Plague Knight and hopefully Specter Knight too in the upcoming game.

Theres a lot of fun to be had with these cheat codes, and while I couldn’t test them all with both characters here are the top ten that stood out to me.

website i used with all cheats –

Did I miss any cool cheats? Are you hyped for the upcoming specter of torment game? Let me know in the comments. And I will be covering the future Shovel Knight games, to stay up to date, dont forget to subscribe.

Trove Online Generator <- Open