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Amidst an ongoing battle between the White House and the U.S. intelligence community, Wikileaks dropping a massive trove Tuesday it claims details an array of hacking tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency to break into phones, apps, and Smart TV’s.

In a lengthy press release not yet verified by Reuters , the organization headed by Julian Assange says one type of CIA malware apparently enables hackers to essentially take over a person’s iPhone, and monitor their text and audio communications as well as use the phone’s camera and microphone as a recorder-circumventing popular encryption apps such as Signal, widely used by people in government.

Another malware attack against Samsung Smart T-Vs allowing hackers to put them into so-called “Fake-Off” mode, where the user believes the television is off but it is in fact on-and recording everything happening in the room-an eerie echo of George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

The controversial Wikileaks redacting many names, e-mails, and I-P addresses from its latest trove, after receiving widespread criticism for its previous disclosure of such information.

The C-I-A refusing to deny or confirm the authenticity of the documents, but Wikileaks claiming the documents came from at least one source within the C-I-A, saying the motive is to spark a public debate about whether the C-I-A is overstepping its mandated powers-an echo of N-S-A leaker Edward Snowden, whose own document dump led to major changes in how that agency operates.


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